Showbox APK Latest Premium Version V5.36 2020 Download Free

Showbox APK Latest Premium Version V5.36


Showbox is an android application that runs on phones and tablets. It allows you to watch online movies and TV shows on your device. If you are using an android emulator you can play the Showbox app on your PC as well. With the android emulator, it becomes easy for the users to watch different videos and easily download them in their mobiles, tablets, or PCs drawing from both P2P and non-P2P sources. The P2P stands for peer to peer. But for most of the parts, you will be streaming from torrents. The Showbox application is available to millions of users. According to estimation, currently, millions of people across the world have installed it on their devices. Hence if you want to enhance your entertainment options, you can download and benefit from Showbox for free. It also depends on how familiar you are with copyright infringement.

Features of Showbox App:

The app has many features. Some of the important features of the Showbox app are discussed below:

  • Free Installation– You can install the Showbox app for free. It enables the users to watch all the movies and TV shows online in HD without any cost adding to its popularity.
  • Availability-The Showbox app is available for iOS, Android, Tablets, and PC. However, you cannot directly download and install it on your PC. What you need to do to install it on your PC is, firstly install an Android emulator like Blue Stacks on your PC. The application cannot work for Windows XP but it works on Windows 8.1, 8, 7, and Mac as well.
  • Time-saving- What the Showbox iOS app does is, it collects videos from different sources for you so that you may watch any of your videos, movies, or show while sitting in one place. It saves a lot of your time. The most interesting thing about the Showbox is that it shows fewer or no ads at all while you are streaming videos on the app. Hence, you are in the right place for pure entertainment without any distracting popups or unwanted ads.
  • User-Friendly- The Showbox has lots of features that include fast forward, pause, start, or stop while streaming the video according to your preferences. This app is really a user-friendly app that allows you to watch movies, shows, or videos without logging in and you do not need to remember any login details which results in no headaches for remembering login details.
  • High Definition Movies- This amazing app allows you to watch high definition movies. It allows you to watch all the movies and shows in high definition clarity as per the resolution of your device‚Äôs screen.
  • Huge Compilation of Movies and Shows for free- Showbox app has a huge number of movies and shows on its list which are available for free. Through this app, you will definitely have access to find and watch your favorite shows and movies, plus you also have an option to download the videos if you want to watch later on.

Is Showbox Legal?

It is illegal to download the copyrighted content that you do not own and streaming is much murkier. Streaming is legal in the countries of Europe or the UK but it is not so in the USA. There are some legal issues with Showbox that must be considered when using this app. All the legalities of this app must be considered well.

Is Showbox Safe to Use?

It is often asked whether it is safe to use Showbox or not. Well, it actually depends on the source that you have downloaded the app from. It does not become an issue if you download the app directly from the play store. However, Showbox is not available in Google play store for any reason. Showbox allows you to watch the pirated content and it gives you access to download the app from any third party site only.

Benefits of Showbox streaming app:

This wonderful app allows individuals to watch movies, TV shows, videos, or cartoons online. It gives you an easy way out to search and watches the movies or video you would want to see. The users can have the following benefits while using the app:

  • Graphical user interface- The users can have a good streaming experience with the app. It is not mandatory for users to log in or sign up the app when it comes to watching movies and TV shows.
  • Huge Movie collection- It has a big library for popular movies, videos, TV programs, or cartoons. You have access to watch your favorite show on your phone, Pc, tablets, etc. You can also add videos to watch later list. It allows you to watch them later on whenever you are free and want to enjoy watching them.
  • New Movies- The new TV shows, cartoon videos and movies that get released are also comprised to the list in this app based on their genre, ratings, release, etc.,
  • Absolutely Free- Whether you want to watch a new movie or you are fond of watching old classic movies, everything is available for free through this app. It does not charge you even a penny.

Will Showbox ever shut down?

It is possible that Showbox may shut down but not completely. In case, someone files a case against the app, it can be shut down. Its content may also be removed from the search engines. It may become worse and even the government can ban the app forever. Alternatively, as the internet is a place that is hard to control, the app can be expected to come back but with a new name and a different logo in it. It will again serve the millions of users out there.


Showbox is perfect for the people who have fun watching movies and TV shows. You can use it to watch movies in your free time while keeping in mind the safety measures before installing it. It is not entirely legal to use this app but you can use it at your own discretion.